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New Library Acquisition

April 7, 2011
Best Recipes from the Backs of Boxes, Bottles, Cans and Jars

New recipe book!

I got this recipe book from my mother-in-law yesterday.  It’s a 1982 collection of recipes from the back of food boxes, cans, jars and bottles: like the ones on spaghetti sauce, cornmeal or flour.  Quite some of these products are only regionally available, or not available at all anymore, and a lot of the recipes are not shown on the boxes any longer.  I have found a few recipes from this before (my mother-in-law owns a copy herself), and I’ll definitely interpret a few recipes from the book.

I found a newer, much smaller and probably more expensive version of this book at my local Borders (note here that this book is hardcover, the other is spiral-bound…  Oh, those good old days…), but you can find the older edition on eBay and Amazon, too.

Enjoy your meal! (and your cookbooks, too)

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