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Cuisine for Who?

I started And Cuisine For All in March 2011, as an effort to share my knowledge of food in an easy-to-understand, simple way.  As an avid watcher of culinary shows and reader of food blogs, cookery books and culinary magazines, I always felt a lot of these channels missed the mark by just a hair.  They were either great to watch/read, and showed recipes for wonderful food creations – but these recipes were difficult to reproduce at home, needed special, often expensive ingredients and equipment, and exactly for this reason, these recipes didn’t always show or describe all steps in detail.  Some of these shows, etc. also took it as a self-evident fact that everyone knows what it means to blanch vegetables, what is a soft peak in eggs or how to whip up some bechamel or hollandaise sauce, and never went on to explain these.  The other portion of the recipes I’ve seen were, on the other hand, overly simple and not too inventive, which is great for someone just barely starting out cooking, but can only go so far.  I strive to position this blog between the two ends, making my recipes easily accessible to those who are less experienced in the kitchen world, yet still interesting to those who have been cooking for a while, and are looking for new tips, tricks, techniques, and recipes.

I think everyone should be able to prepare and eat well-made, delicious meals, and that cuisine should be accessible for everybody – hence the title, And Cuisine For All, and the ending to my posts:

Enjoy your meal!

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