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Easter Preparations

April 6, 2012

Easter is two days from now, and to aid in the hassle of organizing your family festivities, here’s the And Cuisine For All recommendation for the menu! Read more…


Bun-ny Bread

March 28, 2012

Easter is right upon us – it’s just over a week!  In Hungary, people traditionally make a special bread called “husveti kalacs” or Easter sweet bread for the occasion.  As the country is mostly Catholic or historic Protestant (Lutheran or Calvinist), the end of the Holy Week has its own set of traditions.

For Good Friday, the meat-avoiding dish is beans, thickened with a buttery base rather than the common pork lard one.  For Saturday, our big meal is usually the supper, after the Resurrection celebrations at churches – in most Catholic parishes, this involves a major procession on the streets circling the church.  The big supper usually consists of cooked Easter ham, special homemade sausages, hard-boiled eggs, horseradish to go with the ham, and Easter bread, as well as fresh radishes, green onions and other vegetables in season.

The Easter bread often looks extremely elaborate with its braids, and tastes just amazing – and compared to how difficult it looks, it’s not even that hard.  While I wouldn’t recommend this recipe for absolute beginners, if you have handled dough before, it shouldn’t be too hard! Read more…

A Birthday Surprise

March 25, 2012

Fresh in from the comments:  my longtime fencer-friend and reader, Kethrim has prepared a surprise!

Birthday cake!!!

Thank you so very much!!!!

Happy Birthday to And Cuisine For All!

March 24, 2012

A year ago today, the idea just came to me.

I love to cook.  I enjoy to teach.  I love good food, and I want everyone to be able to cook great food.  The internet is vast and full of possibilities.

Add all these up, and here we are.  And Cuisine For All was born out of nothing but an idea, a love for food, and a few digital necessities.  Today it has a more posts than I’m willing to count, a special section for those special occasion dishes, a Facebook fan page, lots of recipes, ideas, and even more of them to come.  I also know I owe some things I referred to in older posts – these will be coming soon, too!

Thank you to all of you who read me – you make this trip worth the while.

Francophone Sweetness

March 21, 2012

When you think of a French dessert, what do you think of?  Creme brulee, probably…  and what’s the next one?  Crepes!  Everybody loves those thin layers of tasty.  Folded or flat, topped with fresh fruit and some ice cream or whipped cream, crepes can be found in pretty much any movie or book set in Paris.

In Hungary, crepes are also a favorite – however, we stuff them.  Sometimes sweet – with cottage cheese and raisins, chocolate, or cinnamon-sugar fillings -, and sometimes even salty: pureed chicken stew with sour cream, or even ham and cheese, deep-fried.

Here is a quick and simple recipe that can be used for both sweet or salty fillings! Read more…

Pie For Dinner

February 29, 2012

I often reference the saying “the best thing in adulthood is that no one call tell you you can’t have dessert before dinner.”  But what if pie is the dinner?  Now, I don’t mean a pecan or apple pie – how about a cheeseburger pie?

I found this recipe in a book that collects those recipes from the backs of cans and jars, and I fell in love with it immediately.  Great fresh out of the oven, but just as tasty when it gets cold, a cheeseburger pie is great for picnics or breakfasts after it cools down. Read more…


February 26, 2012

I mentioned in a previous post how marinating saves time, helps with planning meals ahead, and makes everything taste so much better.  So, here are a few recipes for my favorite marinades!

Read more…